Uniform Circular Motion

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What is uniform circular motion?

When an object moves in a circular path with a constant speed

In uniform circular motion, what is the difference between a scalar and vector quantity?

Scalar quantities are described with only magnitude, while vector quantities need both magnitude and direction

Why does velocity change in uniform circular motion even if the speed is constant?

Due to changes in the object's direction

What happens to an object's velocity in uniform circular motion according to Newton's first law of motion?

Velocity remains constant

How would you describe the direction of velocity in uniform circular motion?

Tangential to the circle at every point

What is the primary reason why an object in circular motion does not follow a straight-line path?

Net force directed towards the center of the circle

What is the role of centripetal force in maintaining circular motion?

It pulls objects inward towards the center of the circle

What is the apparent outward-directed force felt by something moving in a circle due to inertia called?

Outward centrifugal force

Which equation is used to calculate the inward acceleration of an object in circular motion?

$a = v^2 / r$

What happens to a toy airplane's motion if the child spinning it lets go of the string providing centripetal force?

It moves in a straight-line path

What is the centripetal acceleration of the child on the bike?

1.05 m/s^2

If the child's mass was given in grams instead of kilograms, how would this conversion affect the centripetal acceleration?

There would be no change in centripetal acceleration.

What would happen to the centripetal force experienced by the child if the velocity is doubled?

The centripetal force would quadruple.

If a child with a mass of 40kg rides a bike at the same speed in a circle with a radius of 4m, how would the centripetal force compare to the original scenario?

The centripetal force would be greater than in the original scenario.

What happens to the centripetal force if the radius of the circular path is increased while keeping all other factors constant?

The centripetal force increases.

Explore the concept of uniform circular motion where an object moves at a constant speed along a circular path. Learn about the different scalar and vector quantities involved in describing this type of motion.

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