Understanding Waves in Science

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What is the wave that bounces off a surface called?

Reflected wave

What happens when waves are in step and add up?

They add up

What is needed for sound to travel?

A medium like a solid ground, liquid, or gas

How fast does sound travel in air?

340 m/s

What type of wave is the wave on the screen of an oscilloscope?


What affects the loudness of a sound?

Bigger amplitude

What is the wave coming into the barrier called?

Incident wave

What happens when waves are not in step and cancel out each other?

They cancel out each other

What is the speed of sound in liquids?

About 1500 m/s

What does a vibration produce?

A sound wave

What is the definition of a wave in science?

An oscillation or a vibration that transfers energy or information.

What are the three important features of all waves?

Amplitude, frequency, wavelength.

What is the top of a wave called?

Peak or crest.

How is a transverse wave produced on a slinky spring?

By moving your hand at right angles to the spring.

What type of wave is produced when pushing and pulling a spring in the same direction as the spring itself?

Longitudinal wave.

What is an example of a transverse wave?


Explore the concept of waves and their role in transferring energy or information. Discover the characteristics of waves and their practical applications in various fields such as technology and communication.

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