Understanding the Physical Self in Self-Realization

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What is the main influence on individuals to have a perfect body according to the text?


Which aspect of the Total Self does physical self belong to?

Non-academic self-concept

What may influence physical self-concept?

Sport or exercise intervention

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a factor contributing to changes in the body across the lifespan?

Social media influence

What does academic self-concept refer to according to the text?

Academic achievement

How may physical self-concept function in response to an intervention according to the text?

It may improve over time

What is the main device of self-realization and interaction with the world according to Stackeová (2007)?


According to Fox (1997) and Maïano et al. (2004), what occupies a unique position in the self-system?

Physical Self

How does Fox (1997) describe the influence of physical self on an individual's behavior and sense of well-being?

Significant influence

What determines an individual's physical identity and relation with physical activities according to Fox (1997) and Vašina & Vychodilová (2002)?

Physical appearance and relation to the body

During puberty, what changes do boys typically experience according to McCabe & Ricciadelli (2004)?

Moving closer to society's ideal male body shape

Why might boys judge themselves negatively during adolescence based on the text?

Due to falling short of society's ideal male body shape

How can maintaining the right diet contribute to physical well-being?

Boosting immune system

Which of the following activities is NOT recommended for achieving physical well-being?

Drinking alcohol

What does the text suggest about maintaining hygiene for physical well-being?

It can contribute to feeling good about oneself

Which of the following is NOT a recommended tip for achieving physical well-being according to the text?

Unhealthy eating habits

What does the text imply is crucial for optimal physical well-being?

Confidence and positive outlook

How can embracing a positive outlook impact physical well-being according to the text?

It contributes to overall well-being

Study Notes

  • The body is crucial for self-realization and interacting with the world, as emotions and health are expressed through it.
  • Physical Self is unique in the self-system as it connects individuals to the world and influences behavior and well-being.
  • Puberty influences boys' perception of their physical self, with a preference for the mesomorphic male figure.
  • Physical self-concept is influenced by societal standards of a "perfect body" perpetuated by media and commercial interests.
  • Taking care of physical well-being involves healthy eating, embracing a healthy lifestyle, engaging in physical activities, maintaining good hygiene, and cultivating confidence and a positive outlook.

Explore the significance of the body as a key aspect in self-realization, emotional expression, and interaction with the world based on insights from Stackeová (2007), Fox (1997), and Maïano et al. (2004). Understand how the physical self serves as a unique interface between individuals and their environment.

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