Understanding the Impact of Excessive Stress

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What did Hans Selye define stress as?

Hans Selye defined stress as 'the nonspecific response of the body to any demand'.

What are the major symptoms of the Alarm Stage of stress?

The major symptoms of the Alarm Stage of stress include increased pituitary adrenaline secretion, increased respiration, heart trouble, and high blood pressure.

How does excessive stress affect individuals?

Excessive stress is harmful for individuals as it causes mental and physical disequilibrium, leading to physical and mental disturbance.

In what ways can stress be considered positive?

Stress can be considered a source of inspiration, leading to higher performance in work.

What is necessary to do in order to manage stress effectively?

It is necessary to identify the causes of stress and modify behavior to direct individual energy towards organizational productivity and create a healthy organizational climate.

What is the primary goal of strategic management?

To improve the performance of firms in an environment

What is the nature of a typical strategy?

Broad and long-term

When are new or revised strategies usually developed?

In reaction to competitive forces

What do firms attempt to achieve through their strategies?

Competitive advantage

What drives the development of goals and objectives within an organization?

External and competitive forces

What is the main difference between intended and emergent strategy?

Intended strategy is based on SWOT analysis, while emergent strategy arises from unexpected events and decisions of employees.

What is the realized strategy of an organization?

A combination of the intended strategy and the emergent strategy.

What can businesses gain by studying the current actions of other businesses?

Knowledge about what strategies do and do not work.

How did Moses manage the challenge he faced after leading his fellow Hebrews out of enslavement in Egypt?

Moses began delegating authority to other leaders, creating a hierarchical command structure.

What can be concluded from Santayana’s quote about strategic management?

Ignoring the lessons of history can lead to costly strategic mistakes that could have been avoided.

This quiz explores the harmful effects of excessive stress on individuals, including mental and physical disturbances. It emphasizes the importance of identifying stress triggers and modifying behavior to promote a healthier organizational climate.

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