Understanding the Biblical Mission

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What is the mission of God according to the text?

To bring healing and renewal to all of creation

What is the Bible primarily a story about?

The mission of God

What does the text suggest about the end of the story in the Bible?

The renewal of all things

What falls under the rubric of mission?

Work, vocation, medicine, arts, and social justice

How does the text describe the way God wants to bring healing and renewal to all creation?

Through a missionary people

What is the primary focus of a missional church?

Recapturing the mission of God

What is the main difference between small groups and missional communities?

Missional communities prioritize discipleship over attendance

What was the first change outlined by the speaker's church to become more missional?

Shifting to attractional model

What challenge did the speaker mention regarding the shift towards a missional church model?

Difficulty and discouragement in making the shift

What did the speaker emphasize as necessary for churches to implement new models?

Humility, learning, and adaptability

Explore the overarching story of the Bible and the mission of God to bring healing and renewal to creation. Learn about the crisis of biblical authority and sexuality.

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