Understanding Meta-Ethics

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What does meta-ethics primarily focus on?

Studying the nature of morality

In meta-ethics, what is a key concern related to moral judgments?

The truth values

Which philosophical question is directly associated with meta-ethics as per the text?

How do we determine right from wrong?

What distinguishes cognitivist meta-ethical theories from non-cognitivist ones?

Their view on moral judgments conveying propositions

Which classification is NOT mentioned as a common way to categorize meta-ethical theories in the text?

Historical vs theoretical

How do most cognitivist ethical theories view right and wrong?

As matters of fact

According to moral realism, what is the nature of moral facts?

Objective and independent of people's thoughts

Which meta-ethical theory claims that moral judgments are mere expressions of emotions and feelings?


How does moral relativism differ from moral universalism?

Moral relativism denies any objective standard for morality, unlike moral universalism which claims for a universal ethic

What does ethical subjectivism believe about the truth of ethical propositions?

Their truth value depends on individual attitudes or standards

Which meta-ethical theory asserts that moral judgments cannot be deemed either true or false?


How does moral empiricism differ from moral universalism?

Moral empiricism claims that moral facts are known through observation, unlike moral universalism which asserts a single ethic for everyone

Explore the branch of ethics that examines the nature of morality, including the meaning, reference, and truth values of moral judgments. Delve into discussions about the concepts of goodness and wickedness, as well as how we acquire knowledge about them. Dive deeper into the metaphysical aspects of moral truths and ethical language.

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