Understanding Historical Sources in History Studies

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What is the primary function of a historical source in the study of the past?

To provide information about the historical topic being studied.

What is the main difference between a primary and a secondary source?

The time of creation, with primary sources being made during the historical period being investigated and secondary sources being made after the time period.

What is an example of a primary source?

A government document or newspaper from the time period being investigated.

Why are primary sources often considered the strongest evidence in historical research?

Because they were made during the historical period being investigated, providing firsthand information about the past.

What is an example of a secondary source?

A book or website written about a historical event after the time period.

Why is it important to evaluate the credibility of secondary sources?

Because they were made after the time period being investigated, and their authors may have biases or limited understanding of the events.

What type of secondary sources are generally considered more reliable?

Those created by scholars

How should you approach reading the writings of modern scholars?

With the same critical eye as you would primary source creators

What types of websites are suitable for use as secondary sources in high school or university essays?

Websites from respectable individuals or institutions (universities, museums, government archives, etc.)

What is the main difference between a primary source and a secondary source?

A primary source was created at the time of the event, while a secondary source was created after the event

What type of primary source is The Gallic Wars?

A firsthand, written account

What type of primary source is the series of letters written by German Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1914?

A firsthand, written account

Learn about the significance of historical sources in studying the past and how they come in various forms such as written (e.g., books) or non-written (e.g., photographs). Sources provide valuable information about historical topics and are essential for success in History assessment pieces.

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