Understanding Feudalism in the Middle Ages
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Understanding Feudalism in the Middle Ages

Explore the concept of feudalism during the Middle Ages in Western Europe. Learn about the roles of kings, knights, and the organization of communities during this historical period.

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What was the Feudal Contract in feudalism?

An agreement where the vassal promised loyalty to the lord and to provide military service or goods from the land

Which statement best describes the relationship between vassals and lords in feudalism?

Vassals could become lords themselves after receiving land from their lords

What differentiated serfs from peasants in the feudal system?

Peasants had more freedom as some owned the land they worked, unlike serfs

What was a key responsibility of the vassals towards their lords?

<p>To protect the people living on the lord's land</p> Signup and view all the answers

How did the Feudal Contract ensure mutual obligations between vassals and lords?

<p>By having vassals promise loyalty, military service, or goods in exchange for protection from the lord</p> Signup and view all the answers

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