Understanding Dyscrasia in Medicine

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What did the Greeks believe was the direct cause of all disease?

Imbalance of bodily fluids

What is the ancient Greek meaning of the term 'dyscrasia'?

Bad mixture or imbalance

Who developed the concept of dyscrasia in the context of health and disease?


In modern medicine, the term 'dyscrasia' is occasionally used in medical context for which type of disorder?

Unspecified disorder of the blood

What was the ancient Greek understanding of health and disease according to the text?

Excess of bodily humors

Study Notes

Ancient Greek Beliefs on Health and Disease

  • The Greeks believed that an imbalance of bodily fluids, or 'humors', was the direct cause of all disease.


  • The term 'dyscrasia' originated from ancient Greek, meaning 'bad mixture' of bodily fluids.
  • The concept of dyscrasia was developed by Hippocrates in the context of health and disease.

Modern Medicine

  • In modern medicine, the term 'dyscrasia' is occasionally used to describe a type of blood disorder.

Ancient Greek Understanding of Health and Disease

  • According to the ancient Greek understanding, health was achieved by maintaining a balance of bodily fluids, while disease resulted from an imbalance of these fluids.

Explore the concept of dyscrasia, a disorder in medicine with ancient Greek roots meaning 'bad mixture'. Learn about the model of health and disease developed by the Greek physician Galen, based on elements, qualities, humors, organs, and temperaments.

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