Understanding Computer Software

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What is software?

A program that provides instructions for a computer

What does Utility Software do?

Performs very specific tasks and maintains specific parts of the operating system

What are the two interfaces of an operating system?

Command Line Interface (CLI) and Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Which type of application software is used to create professional-looking presentations containing various multimedia elements?

Presentation Software

What is a database application used for?

Storing and managing large quantities of data organized as records, fields, and files

Which type of software helps with numeric data storage and calculations?

Spreadsheet Application

What is the role of an operating system?

Directing all activities and setting rules for hardware and application software

What is an example of utility software that performs a very specific task related to maintaining a specific part of the Windows operating system?

Virus Protection

Learn about computer software, which provides instructions for a computer and encompasses both system and application software. Discover the types of system software, including the operating system.

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