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What is a port used for in the context of a computer?

Connecting an external device to the computer

How can a port be described in terms of information flow?

It allows information to flow from a program to the computer or over the internet

In what ways can a port be utilized?

As a physical docking point for connecting an external device to the computer

Quin tipus de port s'utilitza per a escàners i impressores i també és conegut com a port de la impressora?

Port paral·lel

A quina velocitat viatja la informació pel port sèrie segons el text?

115 kilobits per segon

Quantes versions del port sèrie es mencionen en el text?


Seiri (Sorting) is the process of arranging necessary items in good order for use.


Seiton (Set in Order) means that there's a place for everything, and everything should be in its place.


Seiso (Sweeping) involves maintaining a high standard of housekeeping.


Test your knowledge about computer ports, both physical and programmatic, and how they are used to connect external devices and facilitate data flow between programs and computers.

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