Uncover the Rich Heritage of Pre-Colonial Filipino Oral Literature

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Which of the following best describes oral literature in pre-colonial times?

A form of literature that is passed down through generations by word of mouth

What is the purpose of using formulaic repetitions and regular rhythmic and musical devices in oral literature?

To help people easily remember and pass down the literary pieces

What are riddles called in Tagalog and Visayan?

Bugtong and tigmo

What is the main purpose of using proverbs in pre-colonial literature?

To provide advice and wisdom to people

What role did oral literature play in teaching younger generations in pre-colonial times?

It facilitated the transfer of knowledge and lessons to kids and youngsters

Test your knowledge on pre-colonial oral literature with this quiz! Explore the unique storytelling techniques used by our Filipino ancestors through chants, proverbs, songs, and folklore. Discover how these literary forms were passed down through generations, preserving tribal traditions and cultural practices.

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