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Which of the following is NOT included in the elements of culture mentioned in the text?

Weather patterns

What term is used by social scientists to define a way of life?


How do people generally learn a culture according to the text?

By growing up in a particular society

What is the process by which people, especially children, learn their society's culture called?


Which of the following is not an example of a question one may ask to learn about a culture according to the text?

How do they travel from one place to another?

What does a culture produce among most people in a particular society according to the text?

Uniformity in beliefs

What is enculturation?

The process of sharing culture within a society and passing it from one generation to the next

How does a civilization differ from a culture?

Civilizations are technologically more advanced and have complex economic, governmental, and social systems

What abilities are essential for culture to develop?

To learn, use language, employ tools, and organize lives

In what way does culture shape the way its members satisfy human needs?

By providing methods for obtaining food and shelter

What is one of the main characteristics of culture?

Satisfying basic needs in universal ways

What is an example of how culture teaches people how to eat?

It determines what, when, and how to eat

What is an essential element of culture according to the text?

Use of symbols

What distinguishes human abilities related to culture from those of other animals?

Other animals have developed language and symbols as complex as humans

What distinguishes civilizations from other cultures?

Civilizations are technologically more advanced than other cultures of its time

What distinguishes enculturation from culture?

Enculturation unifies people by providing them with common experiences

Test your knowledge on the culture, history, and political systems of the United Kingdom and the United States. This quiz covers topics such as the definition of culture, brief history of Britain and the US, the British and American political systems, and cultural issues related to identity and diversity.

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