Types of Synapses: Electrical vs Chemical

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What is the function of rods in the human eye?

Twilight vision

Which structure of the eye is responsible for regulating the diameter of the pupil?

Ciliary body

What protein do rods in the human eye contain?


Which part of the eye forms a pigmented and opaque structure known as the iris?

Ciliary body

What are the three layers of neural cells found in the retina, from inside to outside?

Ganglion cells, bipolar cells, photoreceptor cells

What determines the sensations of different colors in the human eye?

Combination of cones and their photopigments

Which type of vision are cones responsible for in the human eye?

Daylight vision

What is the visible colored portion of the eye known as?


What holds the transparent crystalline lens in place inside the eye?

Ciliary body ligaments

Which photopigment is responsible for twilight vision in the human eye?

Rhodopsin or visual purple

Learn about the differences between electrical synapses and chemical synapses. Explore how electrical current flows directly between neurons at electrical synapses and why impulse transmission is faster than at chemical synapses.

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