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What is the main aim in the unit mentioned in the text?

To read through the story without worrying about difficult words

What does the dictionary exercise in this unit demonstrate?

How a common word can be used in different ways

What does the Speaking and Writing exercises in the unit focus on?

The relationship between children and parents

What is the purpose of encouraging students to voice their opinions according to the text?

To help students express their ideas freely

What is the story mentioned in the text about?

A girl's changing attitude towards her father

Why are students encouraged to consult a dictionary according to the text?

To use words in different ways

What is the purpose of the 'Before You Read' task at the beginning of each unit?

To encourage students to predict and anticipate what follows in the text

How should students be guided to apprehend a poem according to the text?

By exploring the intellectual and emotional channels

What is the purpose of the comprehension exercises given in the text?

To help students infer meaning from the text

Why is it mentioned that learners should be encouraged to participate in activities like 'Before You Read'?

To help them engage critically with the text

What is the objective of the 'Thinking about the Text' section mentioned in the text?

To move from surface level understanding to critical thinking

What skill should every good reader develop according to the text?

Predicting and anticipating what follows in a text

What is one of the tasks mentioned for grammar enrichment in the text?

Using the index

Which of the following is NOT a communicative skill mentioned in the text?

Analyzing poetry

What type of writing task is NOT mentioned in the text?

Poetry composition

In what format are learners expected to work during the speaking tasks mentioned?

In pairs or groups

What old exercise has been reintroduced in the text from a different perspective?


What type of skill is emphasized through tasks like matching words to meanings and word building?

Vocabulary enrichment

Test your knowledge on different types of poems including lyric, ballad, and humorous poems. Focus on understanding the language and themes of the selected poems without delving into poet backgrounds. Encourage students to explore various possibilities within each poem.

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