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Which managerial role involves acting as a figurehead, leader, and liaison?

Interpersonal role

What is the responsibility of all managers and employees in an organization, according to the text?

Managing customer relationships

Which skill involves the ability to work well with other people?

Human skills

What involves exploring new territory, taking risks, and doing things differently?

Focus on Social Media

Which managerial role includes tasks like disturbance handling and resource allocation?

Decisional role

What is the primary responsibility of managers regarding new technology, according to the text?

Overseeing social interactions related to technology

What is a company’s ability to achieve its business goals and increase long-term shareholder value by integrating economic, environmental, and social opportunities into its business strategies called?


What type of challenges can managers often face, according to the text?

All of the above

What is a potential reward for being a manager according to the text?

Recognition and status in the community

What is the classical view of management's social responsibility?

To maximize profits

What does the socioeconomic view of social obligation emphasize?

Economic and legal responsibilities

What is social screening in the context of organizations?

Applying social criteria to investment decisions

What is the primary focus of green management?

Environmental impact

What defines ethical and unethical behavior?

Values and beliefs

What is the first step in the process for addressing ethical dilemmas?

Defining the ethical dilemma

Which level of moral development is characterized by adherence to rules and regulations?

Conventional level

According to Exhibit 5-4, how many stages are there in the principled level of moral development?


What is the key focus of Cluster 2 in the Organizational Citizenship Behavior model?

Avoiding unlawful or improper actions that harm the organization

In developing codes of ethics, what should organizational leaders do to reinforce ethical behavior?

Reaffirm the importance of the ethics code and discipline those who break it

What is Step 3 in the process for addressing ethical dilemmas?

Identifying personal, organizational, and external factors

What is the primary responsibility of managers regarding ethics code communication?

Reinforce the ethics code regularly

According to Exhibit 5-7, which category does 'Convey true claims in product advertisements' fall under?

'Be Good to Customers'

What is emphasized as crucial when an employee faces an ethical dilemma?

'Making decisions without regard for personal gain'

Test your knowledge of the different types of management roles and skills, including interpersonal, informational, decisional, technical, human, and conceptual skills. This quiz covers the various roles and skills required for effective management.

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