Types of Learning: Formal vs Informal

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What is the main characteristic of formal learning?

Structured school system from primary to university

Which type of learning involves acquiring knowledge from family, neighbors, and the mass media?

Informal learning

What distinguishes non-formal learning from formal learning?

It is an organized educational activity outside the formal system

In which type of learning does an individual aim to learn something and actively pursue that objective?

Intentional learning

When does accidental learning occur?

In everyday activities when an individual learns something unintentionally

What is the primary purpose of using the results of RDAE evaluation?

To improve student and teacher performance

Which type of visuals do not require electrical power and are simple and direct?

Non-projected visuals

What is a characteristic of non-projected aids?

They help translate ideas into a more realistic format

How do teachers typically use information from summative evaluation?

To determine student and teacher performance

Which type of visuals involve pictures shown on a screen using a machine like a filmstrip projector or TV?

Projected visuals

Explore the differences between formal and informal learning processes. Learn about the structured school system and business training programs in formal learning, as well as the lifelong acquisition of skills and knowledge through daily experiences in informal learning.

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