Types of Computers: Mini, Mainframe, Micro

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When was the first commercially available computer introduced?


Which generation of computers was marked by the introduction of the integrated circuit etched onto silicon chips?

3rd generation

What type of circuitry is used in the 5th generation computers?

Gallium arsenide-based circuitry

Which component represented input and output media in the 1st generation computers?

Punch card and magnetic tape

What was a major feature of the 4th generation computers?

Introduction of the integrated circuit

What modern feature involves using many processors to operate on data simultaneously?

Parallel processing

What is the purpose of minicomputers?

To connect to a network and distribute processing among attached machines.

What is the primary difference between multiprocessing and multitasking?

Multitasking involves running multiple tasks simultaneously, while multiprocessing uses only one processing unit.

What is the main characteristic of microcomputers?

Connection to other microcomputers on a network for distributed processing.

What processing method involves running two or more processors simultaneously?


In the context of computer classification, what is a characteristic of minicomputers?

Connectivity to other minicomputers on a network for distributed processing.

What distinguishes pipelining as a method of instruction fetching and decoding?

Running several program instructions in parallel.

Which historical figure developed an arithmetic machine in 1642?

Blaise Pascal

Which of the following programming languages is NOT listed as a software development tool in the text?


Who invented the Difference Engine in 1822 to calculate mathematical tables?

Charles Babbage

What type of computer system software coordinates the activities of all hardware components?

System software

Which generation of computers introduced parallel processing for improved performance?

Fourth generation

What was the purpose of the calculating machine developed by Leibniz in 1694?

To solve multiplication and division problems

Learn about the characteristics of mainframe computers, mini computers, and microcomputers. Understand how each type of computer handles complex computations, input-output operations, and network connectivity.

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