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What is the main difference between verbal and nonverbal communication?

Verbal communication is transmitted verbally, while nonverbal communication involves wordless messages like body language.

What are some examples of quality time?

Planning a date night and taking a walk together

Which form of communication involves transmission to the general public?

Mass communication

What is the first stage of the love ladder?


Which one of these is not listed as a barrier of communication?

Active Listening

What is sexual harassment defined as?

Unwanted sexual attention, advances, or requests

What is the definition of sexual assault?

Forcing someone into a sexual act without consent

Which gender experiences the highest rate of dating violence?


What are some risk factors for dating violence?

Use of alcohol and/or drugs

What is the consequence that research shows is linked to teen dating violence?

Unplanned pregnancies, STIs, substance abuse, and eating disorders

What is sexual exploitation?

Sexual abuse of children through exchange of sex for money

Which of the following is a risk factor for dating violence?

Belief in traditional gender roles

What type of violence involves unwanted attention, advances, or requests?

Sexual harassment

What type of communication occurs in your own mind?

Intrapersonal communication

Which type of communication involves sending or receiving wordless messages?

Nonverbal communication

What is the primary focus of small group communication?

Communication within informal or formal groups or teams

Which form of communication aims to inform, persuade, or motivate an audience?

One-to-group communication

What are some examples of words of affirmation?

Remind them how capable they are when they doubt themselves

Which type of communication involves electronic or print transmissions to the general public?

Mass communication

Test your knowledge on different types of communication such as verbal, nonverbal, intrapersonal, and interpersonal communication. Learn about the various methods of exchanging information and ideas.

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