Treasure Hunt with Bhola Grandpa

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What was the initial reaction of Bhola Grandpa's son and his friends when he told them about seeing the pirates?

They started looking for the hidden treasure immediately

What was the most significant difference between Bhola Grandpa's encounter with the tiger in the Sunderbans and the incident with the pirates?

The tiger encounter was real, while the pirate incident was a dream

What was the primary reason why people in the Sunderbans were cautious about moving around, especially after sundown?

The dense jungles made it easy for wild animals to hide and attack

What was the most significant difference between Bhola Grandpa's experience with the tiger and the typical behavior of tigers in the Sunderbans?

The tiger did not attack Bhola Grandpa, which was unusual for tigers in the Sunderbans

What was the most significant difference between the environment and setting of the two incidents described in the text?

The pirate incident happened near the village, while the tiger encounter was in the Sunderbans

What was the most likely reason why Bhola Grandpa confessed that the pirate incident was just a dream?

He realized that his son and friends were wasting their time searching for the treasure

What was the age of Bhola Grandpa when he passed away?


How old was Bhola Grandpa's wife when he passed away?


How did Bhola Grandpa's wife describe his passing?

The old man must have forgotten to breathe.

What was the reason behind Bhola Grandpa's wife's lamenting?

His passing away

What was the wife's age when her husband passed away?


Study Notes

Bhola Grandpa's Antics

  • Bhola Grandpa told a tale about seeing pirates burying a treasure on a rainy afternoon, exciting his grandchildren, but later confessed it was just a dream he had during his midday nap.

Bhola Grandpa's Adventure in the Sunderbans

  • In the Sunderbans, Bhola Grandpa had an encounter with a Royal Bengal tiger while returning from the weekly market.
  • The tiger growled behind him, so he quickly climbed a nearby banyan tree.
  • The tiger roared and circled the tree about a hundred times, then settled down under a bush, keeping its gaze on Bhola Grandpa.
  • Bhola Grandpa stayed in the tree until dawn, listening to the tiger's tail beating on dry leaves during the night.
  • With the arrival of dawn, Bhola Grandpa descended from the tree and found a group of men on a nearby mound.

Bhola Grandpa's Later Life

  • Bhola Grandpa lived to be 95 years old, passing away one morning.
  • His 80-year-old wife lamented his passing, jokingly saying he must have forgotten to breathe.

Join in the adventurous journey of Bhola Grandpa, as narrated by a father to his friends, in search of buried treasure by pirates on a rainy afternoon near the seashore. Experience the thrill of nightfall, moonlight, and howling jackals in this exciting tale.

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