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What is the cause of alligator cracking in asphalt concrete?

Fatigue failure due to repeated traffic loading

What does 'amplitude' refer to in the context of transportation engineering?

Height between the trough and the crest of a wave

What is the term used to describe localized upward buckling and shattering of slabs at traverse joins or cracks?


What is the purpose of barriers in highways?

To minimize damage to impacting vehicles and their occupants

What does 'breaking waves' refer to in transportation engineering?

Waves which fall forward due to particle velocities exceeding wave velocity

What is the structure that protects harbor from stormy waves and permits calm in the harbor?


What is the condition for deep water waves to normally occur?

When wave length L is less than 7 times the wave height H (L < 7H)

What consists of aggregates such as gravel and crushed rock?

Base courses

What does Beaufort's Scale measure the intensity of?


What is Bitumen carpet?

A 20 mm thick premix bitumen layer over which a seal coat is laid

What does breasting dolphins do for ships when docking?

They absorb the impact of the ship and hold it against a broadside wind

What are chevron markings used for?

To guide traffic into right turning lanes separated by an island

What are bitts used for in relation to mooring ships?

Mooring fitting for mooring ships during a storm installed close to the water line of the berth

What does capacity refer to in transportation systems?

The maximum sustained 15 min rate of flow expressed in passenger cars per hour per lane

What is block cracking in relation to pavements?

Cracks forming large interconnected polygons, usually with sharp corners or angles

What does bathymetry entail?

The physical configuration of the seabed, measurements of depths of water in the ocean, etc.

Test your knowledge of transportation engineering terms such as 'alligator cracking', 'amplitude', and 'blowups'. Learn about the causes and characteristics of these phenomena in pavement and road infrastructure.

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