Train Travel Adventure

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Which language is the voice speaking over the loudspeaker?


What does Stephie see through the steam from the locomotive?

A sign and a brick building with a glass roof

What does Stephie do to reach the luggage rack?

She stands up on the seat

What is their destination?


What does Stephie help her sister with?

Her suitcase

Who sees a sign and a brick building with a glass roof?


What does Nellie ask Stephie?

Is this where we get off?

What does the lady in the doorway say to Stephie and Nellie?

Hurry, hurry. This is Göteborg.

What does Stephie do to help her sister?

She helps her with her school knapsack.

What must Stephie and Nellie be sure not to do on the train?

Leave anything on the train.

Test your knowledge of train travel and adventure in this thrilling quiz. Join Stephie, Nellie, and their friends as they navigate through unknown languages, steam-filled train stations, and mysterious destinations. Will you be able to guess where they are getting off? Find out in this exciting quiz!

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