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What is the purpose of Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA)?

To understand, assess, and mitigate traffic and transportation issues related to proposed development

What is included in the Sample Table of Contents of a TIA?

An outline of the contents of the TIA report

What is the purpose of determining the Study Area in TIA?

To define the area where the impact of the proposed development will be assessed

What does 'Warrants for TIA' refer to?

Conditions that justify the need for conducting a TIA

What is the 'Four Step Process' in TIA?

A systematic method for forecasting travel demand and evaluating transportation alternatives

Traffic Impact Assessment is a report that is prepared to better understand, assess and mitigate any identified traffic and transportation issues associated with the proposed development.


Warrants for the ______ of TIA


Determination of the ______

Study Area



Test your knowledge about Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) with this quiz covering the introduction, warrants, sample table of contents, study area, and four-step process. See how well you understand the purpose and components of a TIA report.

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