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What does traditional knowledge encompass?

Collectively owned knowledge of indigenous communities

How is traditional knowledge typically transmitted?

From generation to generation orally

Which of the following is NOT a form in which traditional knowledge can be found?

Scientific research papers

How is traditional knowledge defined by the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO)?

In relation to agricultural knowledge and biodiversity-related knowledge

Which of the following is an example of traditional knowledge according to the text?

A folk song passed down through generations

What aspect defines traditional knowledge as an open-ended concept?

The wide range of tradition-based innovations and creations it includes

What is one characteristic of traditional knowledge according to the text?

Rooted in the spiritual health and language of the people

Why does the text mention that some scientific practitioners trivialize traditional understanding?

As a result of collecting traditional knowledge without considering the contextual elements

How does technology impact the transmission of traditional knowledge according to the text?

It captures the imagination of young people and limits elders' capacity to transmit knowledge

What does it mean that traditional knowledge cannot be compartmentalized?

It cannot be divided into separate categories or parts

Why is it important to find ways to preserve traditional knowledge according to the text?

To prevent the loss of rich cultural heritage as elders pass away

How do Native people's understanding of ice and snow differ from non-indigenous people according to the text?

Native people have a richer and more subtle understanding due to their connection with human activities and feelings

Test your knowledge on the innovations and practices of indigenous and local communities worldwide. Learn about the stories, folklore, proverbs, and cultural values that form traditional knowledge.

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