Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): Zhang Fu and Organs

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What does Zhang Fu refer to in traditional Chinese medicine?

Internal organs in traditional Chinese medicine

What was the primary motivation behind ancient humans discovering plants for medicine and food?

The instinctive behavior of seeking food

What led to the production of medical instruments in ancient times?

Life experience and the use of tools to treat diseases

What was common to both Chinese and Western medicine in ancient times?

The integration of witchcraft and medicine

What was the result of ancient humans finding that moving limbs can relieve muscle spasms and strengthen the body?

The invention of exercises for health care

In traditional Chinese medicine, what is the 'Zhuyou' technique a part of?

One of the 'Thirteen' clinical departments of Yuan and Ming Dynasties

What began to separate medicine and witchcraft in the ancient Greek period?

Western medicine

Who applied materialist philosophy to medicine in ancient Greece?


What marks the evolution of traditional Chinese medicine from a simple accumulation of clinical experience to a systematic theoretical summary?

Publication of 'Nei Jing'

What did Castiglioni, an Italian medical historian, believe 'The Complete Works of Hippocrates' represented?

The most valuable representative document technology in an era when natural science had hardly sprouted

Learn about the concept of Zhang Fu in traditional Chinese medicine, including the five Zang and six Fu organs. Discover the differences between TCM and Western medicine, and how ancient medicine has evolved over time.

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