Trade Unions in the Labour Market

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Trade unions are formed by employers to represent their interests at an industrial level.


Trade unions attempt to improve working conditions, real income, and job security of its workers through collective bargaining.


One of the roles of trade unions is to settle grievances between employees and employers.


The unitarist/traditional approach views organizations as characterized by many behaviors and interests.


The Marxist/Radical perspective of trade unions is confrontational.


What does wage differential refer to?

Differences in wage rates due to the location of the company

When is compensating wage differentials positive?

When the job is considered undesirable

What is an example of a compensating wage differential?

Workers in the North Sea Oil industry

When are coal miners paid high wages according to compensating wage differentials?

When their work is dangerous and can have health effects on the worker

What do wage differentials compare among employees?

Employees with and without college degrees

Test your knowledge on trade unions in the labour market, including their definition, roles, and significance in representing employees' interests at an industrial level.

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