Torsion of Shafts in Engineering

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What type of strain occurs in a round shaft as it twists?

Axial strain

Which deformation is primarily investigated during twisting of a shaft?

Torsional shear deformation

What is the segment of the shaft taken for investigating deformations during twisting?

Segment y

Which type of deformation does not occur in a round shaft during twisting?

Lateral deformation

What is the primary focus of studying the deformations in a twisting shaft?

Studying axial deformations

What is the primary purpose of a shaft in a composite structure?

To transfer power from one point to another

Which of the following is a common function of a shaft?

Transmit power between components

In a composite shaft, what is the main role of the shaft?

Serving as a load-bearing member

What would happen if a shaft in a composite structure fails to perform its intended function?

Power loss during transmission

Which of the following is NOT a typical application of a shaft in a composite structure?

Carrying coolant in a vehicle

What property remains constant in a shaft made of composite materials during twisting?


In a composite shaft, which property is used to represent the resistance to torsion?


What role does the internal torque 'T' play in a composite shaft during twisting?

Changing value during twisting

Which property of a round shaft is directly related to its ability to resist deformation during twisting?

Young's Modulus

What aspect of the shaft ensures that the torque is transmitted effectively in a composite shaft?

Material Composition

Why is the torsion of shafts considered in engineering?

Due to the efficient shape of circular cross sections for resisting torsional loads

In what type of machinery are circular shafts commonly used to transmit power?

Rotating machinery

What type of load are circular shafts efficient at resisting?

Torsional loads

Why are circular shafts preferred for transmitting power in rotating machinery?

Their circular cross section is efficient for resisting torsional loads

What shape is most commonly used for resisting torsional loads in rotating machinery?


Explore the concept of torsion of shafts and why circular cross sections are efficient for resisting torsional loads. Learn why circular shafts are widely used for transmitting power in rotating machinery.

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