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What was the purpose of Alphabet, Google's parent company, issuing the largest sustainability bond in August 2020?

To support various new and ongoing sustainability initiatives

How does Google aim to make its data centers more efficient, as mentioned in the text?

By optimizing the use of energy, water, and materials

What does the text imply about the relationship between financial performance and ESG performance according to a study mentioned?

Almost half of the companies studied showed a link between the two

What is highlighted as a key aspect of Apple and Google's sustainability achievements in the text?

Genuine, transparent, and accountable initiatives

Which technology mentioned in the text could potentially cut down water use in Google's data centers?

New cooling technology

What is the total amount of CO2e emitted by the top 5 big-tech companies in the past year?

125.9 million tonnes

Why do the top big-tech companies feel an urgency to change their ways according to the text?

Due to pressure from various stakeholders

Which two big-tech companies are highlighted for their financial dominance and commitment to making a positive impact on the world?

Apple and Google

How many suppliers has Apple collaborated with to commit to using 100% renewable energy for their production, as per the text?

Not specified in the text

What is the main focus of Apple's efforts on the sustainability front as described in the text?

Promoting renewable energy use

Test your knowledge on the annual CO2e emissions of top big-tech companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft. Learn about the environmental challenges these companies face and their efforts to reduce carbon footprints.

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