Top 10 Elements of a Good Story

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What is the first element mentioned as important in a good story?

Create a Complex Main Character

According to the article, what should the plot of a story come from?


What does the article suggest is essential for building tension in a story?


Based on the article, what is important for creating a hook in a story?

Visual Elements

What should be given to the hero in a story?


What is the comparison made in the text between working with story elements and building a fire?

Both require having all the right elements before starting

Why does the text emphasize the need for a complex main character in a story?

Because shallow characters are rarely worth examining

What kind of video projects are less likely to be compelling?

Thematic or mission-driven stories

What does the text suggest is necessary for becoming a stronger storyteller?

Walking through a simple story structure

Why does the text mention using kerosene and matches in your mini backpack to build your story?

To emphasize the importance of having the right tools for story building

What is the significance of giving the main character a deep desire in a story?

It adds complexity to the story

Why does the text highlight the importance of transformation in a story?

To create tension and conflict

What is the primary purpose of excavating the deep longing of a character's soul?

To add emotional depth to the character

How does giving the main character a deep desire contribute to the plot of a story?

It drives the actions and decisions of the main character

What does establishing the 'why' of the main character go beyond, according to the text?

It goes beyond understanding the character's motivations

What is the author's favorite element in storytelling?


What does the author suggest is essential for a compelling short documentary film?

Showing the element of transformation

According to the author, what is the reason for feeling bored or down in the dumps?

Absence of transformation

What does the author imply about storytelling without transformation?

It is incomplete and lacking depth.

What does the author suggest should never be omitted from a short documentary film?

The element of transformation

Study Notes

Storytelling Elements

  • A good story begins with a complex main character, which is the first essential element mentioned.
  • The plot of a story should come from the main character's deep desire or need.

Building Tension and Hooks

  • Tension in a story is built by giving the hero obstacles and setbacks that stand in the way of achieving their desire.
  • A hook in a story is created by introducing a problem or question that grabs the audience's attention.

Storytelling Analogy

  • Working with story elements is compared to building a fire, where each element is a necessary component to create a compelling story.

Compelling Stories

  • Simple or one-dimensional main characters can lead to less compelling video projects.
  • To become a stronger storyteller, it's essential to focus on the character's deep desire and transformation.

Importance of Transformation

  • Transformation in a story is crucial, as it allows the main character to grow and change throughout the narrative.
  • The primary purpose of excavating the deep longing of a character's soul is to create a compelling story with a meaningful transformation.

Character Development

  • Giving the main character a deep desire contributes to the plot of a story and helps establish their 'why', which goes beyond their surface-level goals.
  • Establishing the 'why' of the main character helps to create a more nuanced and engaging story.

Documentary Filmmaking

  • The author suggests that a compelling short documentary film requires a deep understanding of the main character's desire and transformation.

Storytelling Philosophy

  • The author implies that storytelling without transformation is unengaging and leads to boredom or disinterest.
  • The author's favorite element in storytelling is the deep desire of the main character, which is essential for creating a compelling story.
  • The author suggests that a short documentary film should never omit the main character's transformation.

Discover the essential elements that make a story engaging and compelling. Explore the importance of creating complex characters, incorporating transformation, defining deep desires, adding obstacles, and more.

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