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Thomas Hobbes' State of Nature

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What is the term Thomas Hobbes used to describe a society without rules and laws?

State of nature

According to Hobbes, what would be the outcome of living in a state of nature?

Survival of the strongest and perishing of the weak

What is the social contract, according to Hobbes?

An unwritten agreement inherited at birth

What is the main difference between Hobbes' and Locke's views on human nature?

Hobbes believed humans are born corrupt, while Locke believed they are born good

What are the benefits of the social contract, according to Hobbes?

Security, survival, education, and leisure

What is a characteristic of a society in a state of nature, according to Hobbes?

Lack of security and continual fear

What did Jean Jacques Rousseau believe was the duty of men?

To take control of the government and establish a government responsive to the general will

Which philosopher believed that governments exist only to serve the needs of the people?


What was the historical event during which Thomas Hobbes lived?

The English Civil War

What was the concept that Thomas Hobbes believed in?

Divine Right

What was the outcome of the English Civil War?

The return of the monarchy under the rule of William and Mary with a limited monarchy

What was the main concern of John Locke?

Protection of individual rights and property

What was the period of time during which Locke and Rousseau lived?

The Enlightenment

What was the main difference between the views of Locke and Rousseau?

Locke focused on individual rights, while Rousseau focused on political liberties

What was the historical document that William and Mary had to sign to regain their throne?

The English Bill of Rights

What is the underlying philosophy of the United States Bill of Rights?

Locke's idea of individual rights and property

Explore the concept of a society without rules and laws as proposed by Thomas Hobbes. Learn how a state of nature would lead to a Darwinian existence and understand the importance of governance in society.

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