The War of 1812

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What was the name of the British ship that attacked the American ship Chesapeake in June 1807?


What was the policy of impressment by the British that angered Americans?

Forced enlistment of American sailors into the British Royal Navy

What did both France and Britain try to block the United States from doing?

Trading with the other

What was the name of the Napoleon-led country that Britain was at war with in the early 1800s?


What was President Thomas Jefferson's response to the tensions with the powerful British Navy?

Embargo Act

Study Notes

Events Leading to the War of 1812

  • The British ship HMS Leopard attacked the American ship USS Chesapeake in June 1807.
  • Impressment, a British policy, angered Americans as it involved seizing American sailors and forcing them to serve in the British Navy.

Restrictions Imposed on the United States

  • Both France and Britain tried to block the United States from trading with each other.

European Wars and Their Impact on the United States

  • Britain was at war with France, led by Napoleon Bonaparte, in the early 1800s.

American Response to Tensions with Britain

  • President Thomas Jefferson responded to the tensions with the powerful British Navy by reducing the U.S. military and relying on economic measures, such as the Embargo Act of 1807.

Test your knowledge of the War of 1812 and its impact on American trade with this quiz. Learn about the conflict between Britain and France, their attempts to block US trade, and the significance of this war for American history.

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