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What were the Silk Roads?

A series of international trade routes

What were the major religions that spread quickly along the Silk Roads?

Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam

Which religions spread quickly along the Silk Roads?

Buddhism, Christianity and Islam

What kind of goods were traded along the Silk Roads?

Goods such as silk, spices, horses, glass, jewels, and slaves

What did the Sogdian people specialize in?

Carrying goods between China and Central Asia

Which people specialized in carrying goods between China and central Asia?

The Sogdian people

Study Notes

Test your knowledge about the ancient Silk Roads with this quiz! Discover how these international trade routes connected different regions of the world, and how they played a crucial role in the exchange of goods, ideas, and cultures. Explore the history of empires, tribes, and nomads that were involved in the Silk Roads, and find out how these routes shaped the world as we know it today. Get ready to travel back in time and become a Silk Road expert!

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