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Which one of these is a rare hybrid animal?


What is the offspring of a male lion and a female tiger called?


What is the offspring of a female lion and a male tiger called?


What is a zebroid?

A cross between a zebra and a horse

What is the characteristic of zebra hybrids?

They have the appearance of whichever animal they have been crossbred with

Study Notes

Rare Hybrid Animals

  • A rare hybrid animal is the offspring of a lion and a tiger.

Liger and Tigon

  • The offspring of a male lion and a female tiger is called a liger.
  • The offspring of a female lion and a male tiger is called a tigon.


  • A zebroid is the offspring of a zebra and another equine species, such as a horse or a donkey.
  • The characteristic of zebra hybrids is that they often display stripes, which can be faint or prominent, depending on the other parent species.

Test your knowledge of hybrid animals with this intriguing quiz! Discover 12 mythological species that actually exist, including the rare wholphin and the majestic liger. Explore the fascinating world of hybrid creatures and learn about their unique origins. How many of these extraordinary animals can you identify? Take the quiz now to find out!

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