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Which organization owns and administers the GRE?

Educational Testing Service (ETS)

When was the GRE established?


What skills does the GRE aim to measure?

Verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, and critical thinking skills

In what format is the GRE General Test offered?

Computer-based exam administered at testing centers and institution owned or authorized by Prometric

How much emphasis is placed on GRE scores in the graduate school admissions process?

Varies widely between schools and departments within schools

Which age group does the eleven-plus examination target?

11-12 years

In which countries is the eleven-plus examination currently used?

England and Northern Ireland

What is the purpose of the eleven-plus examination?

To assess a student's cognitive ability

Which subjects are included in the eleven-plus examination?

Verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, mathematics, and English

What was the Tripartite System associated with?

Eleven-plus examination

Test your knowledge of the GRE with this quiz! Explore questions related to verbal reasoning, admissions requirements, and the history of the test. Challenge yourself and prepare for success on this important standardized exam.

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