Joseph and the Jewish Nation in Egypt

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What position did Joseph hold in Egypt?

Joseph became the viceroy, the second in command, of the whole country.

What is Tzniut?

Being modest

What did Joseph's brothers come to Egypt to buy?

Joseph's brothers came to buy grain.

Where were Joseph's family living during the famine?

Joseph's family were living in the land of Canaan during the famine.

Question: What happened to Jacob and his family after they moved to Egypt?

After moving to Egypt, the Torah tells us that the sons of Israel multiplied greatly and filled the entire land.

Question: What does it mean when it says that the Jews in Egypt did not change their clothes, names, or language?

It means that despite living in Egypt, the Jewish community maintained their distinct identity and did not assimilate into Egyptian culture.

Question: When looking at the idea of community, what would you say is important?

In the context of community, important aspects include a shared sense of identity, mutual support, common goals, and a sense of belonging.

What is a Bet Knesset?

A synagogue or shul

What is a mikveh?

A ritual bath for spiritual cleansing

What is Tzedakah?

Charitable acts

Study Notes

Test your knowledge on how the Jewish people became a nation in Egypt and the concept of Tzniut (modesty) in Judaism. Explore the story of Joseph, from being sold as a slave to becoming the viceroy of Egypt.

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