The Spanish Arrival and the Aztec Empire

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Who controlled a vast amount of territory in the 16th century?


What did the Aztecs demand from their conquered subjects?

Human sacrificial offerings

Where did Hernán Cortés land his expeditionary force?


Who was instrumental as an interpreter for Cortés during his conquests?


Where did Cortés found a base for his conquistadores?

La Villa Rica de la Vera Cruz

Who did Cortés form alliances with to aid in his conquest of the Aztecs?

The Totonac and the Tlaxcalans

Which tribe was particularly important to Cortés's success?

The Tlaxcalans

What did Cortés and his army do in the city of Cholula?

They slaughtered thousands of unarmed citizens

Where did Cortés march to after his victory in Cholula?


Why were the Tlaxcalans critical to Cortés's future successes?

They were old rivals of the Aztecs

Test your knowledge on the Arrival of the Spanish and the downfall of the Aztec Empire in the 16th century. Explore the cross-cultural dynamics, the power of the tlatoani, and the impact of tributes on the empire.

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