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What was the impact of the French Revolution on society in Europe?

The French Revolution opened up the possibility of creating a dramatic change in the way society was structured. It challenged the existing social and economic power held by the aristocracy and the church.

Who controlled economic and social power before the French Revolution?

Before the French Revolution, economic and social power was controlled by the aristocracy and the church.

What were the new ideas that began to be discussed after the French Revolution?

After the French Revolution, new ideas about individual rights and who controlled social power began to be discussed.

Who were some Indian thinkers influenced by the ideas of the French Revolution?

Raja Rammohan Roy and Derozio were some Indian thinkers influenced by the ideas of the French Revolution.

Where were the ideas of post-revolutionary Europe being debated?

The ideas of post-revolutionary Europe were being debated in many parts of the world, including Europe and Asia.

Test your knowledge on the social change and the Russian Revolution in Europe with this quiz. Explore the impact of socialism and the ideas of freedom and equality that emerged after the French Revolution.

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