The Sleeping Beauty

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What idea did the narrator have involving the sleeping pills and a pheasant?

To use the sleeping pills to put the pheasant to sleep by hiding the powder in a raisin.

Why did the narrator's father shake his head sadly when the narrator mentioned using the sleeping pills on a pheasant?

Because he thought no pheasant would swallow the red capsules.

How did the narrator plan to ensure the pheasant ingested the sleeping-pill powder?

By sewing up the slit in the raisin after filling it with the powder.

What was the purpose of soaking the raisin and making a slit in it?

To hollow it out and fill it with the sleeping-pill powder.

What was the narrator's conclusion about using the raisin with the sleeping-pill powder on the pheasant?

That it should be enough to put any pheasant to sleep.

What method did the father and son come up with to poach pheasants?

Lacing raisins with pills to make the pheasants unconscious

How did the father plan to collect the unconscious pheasants?

By walking around and picking them up like apples from the trees

What was the father's reaction when he realized they needed more pills for the plan?

He decided to divide the powder from one capsule among four raisins

How did the son express his desire to be involved in the poaching plan?

By repeatedly asking if he could come along with his father

What did the father think would happen if their method of poaching worked?

It would revolutionize poaching

Study Notes

The Story Begins

  • The narrator is lying on their bunk in pajamas, and their father comes in to light the oil lamp.
  • The narrator asks their father to wait and has an idea to share.

The Raisin Plan

  • The narrator suggests using sleeping pills to knock out pheasants by filling raisins with the powder.
  • The plan involves soaking a raisin, making a slit, hollowing it out, filling it with powder, and sewing it up.
  • The father is amazed and excited by the idea, thinking it could revolutionize poaching.

The Plan Unfolds

  • The narrator and their father plan to prepare 200 raisins, scatter them in the feeding grounds, and collect the pheasants after they fall unconscious.
  • They would be able to pick up the pheasants without being caught.

The Preparation

  • The father retrieves the bottle of red capsules (sleeping pills) from the sink.
  • They count the capsules and find there are only 50, which is not enough.
  • The father solves the problem by suggesting dividing the powder from one capsule among four raisins, quartering the dose.

Read an excerpt from a story where a child asks their father about sleeping pills and shares an idea. Discover what happens next in this intriguing tale.

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