The Singing Drum" Quiz

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What was the name of the little boy in the story?


Where did the little boy live with his parents?


What did the little boy's mother always advise him not to visit?

The valley

What did the little boy and his friends hear when they reached the valley?

The sound of the wind

What did the little boy decide to do when his friends left to go home?

Wait until the rain started

Study Notes

Story Summary

  • The story revolves around a little boy who lives with his parents.
  • The little boy's mother advises him not to visit a specific place.
  • The place the mother warns against is the valley.
  • When the little boy and his friends reach the valley, they hear a strange sound.
  • After his friends leave to go home, the little boy decides to stay behind.

"The Singing Drum" Quiz: Test your knowledge of the famous story "The Singing Drum" by answering questions about the adventurous boy Tayo, his disobedience, and the mysterious valley. See if you can recall the key events and lessons from this captivating tale.

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