The Scientific Renaissance

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What are some examples of inventions during the Elizabethan period?

Telescope, Pocket Watch, Bottle Beer, Flush Toilet, Thermometer, Frozen Chicken

Who were some famous scientists during the Elizabethan period?

Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Versalius, Harvey

What was the scientific method?

A systematic approach to conducting scientific experiments and investigations

What were some units of currency used during the Elizabethan period?

Penny, Shilling, Pound

What is the equivalent of Elizabethan money and currency to modern-day money?

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Study Notes

Inventions During the Elizabethan Period

  • The Elizabethan period saw the invention of the microscope, which allowed for the study of microorganisms
  • The invention of the pocket watch, which enabled people to carry time-keeping devices with them
  • The development of the water closet, which improved sanitation and hygiene

Famous Scientists During the Elizabethan Period

  • William Gilbert, who coined the term "electricity" and published the first comprehensive treatise on the subject
  • Francis Bacon, who developed the scientific method and emphasized the importance of empirical evidence

The Scientific Method

  • A systematic process used to develop and test scientific knowledge
  • Involves making observations, forming hypotheses, and testing these hypotheses through experimentation
  • Employs empirical evidence and data to support or refute conclusions

Units of Currency During the Elizabethan Period

  • The pound (£) was the main unit of currency, divided into 20 shillings
  • Each shilling was further divided into 12 pence
  • The gold angel and the silver shilling were also used as units of currency

Equivalent of Elizabethan Money and Currency to Modern-Day Money

  • One pound in the Elizabethan period is equivalent to approximately £200-£300 in modern-day money
  • One shilling in the Elizabethan period is equivalent to approximately £10-£15 in modern-day money

Test your knowledge on the fascinating science and technology advancements during the Elizabethan Period. Learn about renowned scientists such as Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Versalius, and Harvey, and their contributions to the Scientific Renaissance. Discover interesting facts about the Copernican Theory, the Scientific Method, and the advancements in science and technology during this historical era. Challenge yourself with this quiz and expand your understanding of the Elizabethan Period.

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