The Science of Color Perception

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Which of the following factors does NOT affect the splitting energy of the d-orbitals in a transition metal complex?

The size of the complex

What is the complementary color of yellow-green in the color wheel?


What causes a transition metal compound to appear colored?

The absorption of energy corresponding to certain parts of the visible electromagnetic spectrum

What was the main reason for the conflict between the Nationalist government and the Communist Party during the Chinese Civil War?

Differences in political ideology

Which of the following best describes the military strategies employed by the Nationalist and Communist forces during the Chinese Civil War?

The Nationalists used conventional military tactics while the Communists relied primarily on guerrilla warfare

What was the significance of the 1949 establishment of the People's Republic of China?

It marked the end of the Chinese Civil War and the establishment of a democratic government in China

Test your knowledge on the fascinating world of colour perception with this quiz! Discover why transition metal compounds appear coloured and how they absorb energy from the visible electromagnetic spectrum. Learn about the science behind the colours we see and how they are formed. Challenge yourself to identify which parts of the spectrum are absorbed by different coloured compounds. This quiz is perfect for anyone interested in chemistry or simply curious about the world around us.

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