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What is the sacred trust that God expressed in Genesis 1:27?

Having dominion over Land, Air, Water and all the fish in the sea

What is the role of the Trustee in the law of Equity?

To have the duties and obligations set forth by the Grantor

Who is considered the true owner and has the beneficial use of the trust property?

The Beneficiary

Study Notes

The Importance of Sacred Honor and Authority

  • The text discusses the importance of sacred honor and the authority it provides.
  • It emphasizes the significance of the beginning and the presentation by Robert William.
  • The concept of stewarding property with sacred honor is highlighted.
  • The text mentions that the L.A.W. (Land/Air/Water) is considered a sacred inheritance.
  • It references Genesis 1:26 and the words for today including honor, sacred, equitable trust, faith, discernment, and eyes of equity.
  • The main topics discussed are: your authority, how you obtained it, what you are supposed to do with it, how to honor your duties, and how to recover your authority if it has been diminished, concealed, or removed.
  • The concept of trust is simplified under the law of equity.
  • The duties and obligations of the trustee are set forth by the grantor.
  • The grantee becomes the grantor when they have the intent to create a trust and benefit a beneficiary.
  • The equitable maxim of title states that the beneficiary is considered the true owner and has the beneficial use of the trust property.
  • The text revisits the beginning and mentions that God expressed our duties and obligations in Genesis 1:27, giving us dominion over land, air, water, and all living creatures.
  • It simplifies the sacred trust as the trustee being the grantee and the creator/God being the grantor, with our spirit as the beneficiary.

Test your knowledge on the sacred honor and authority bestowed upon us in this thought-provoking quiz. Explore the significance of beginnings and learn about stewarding property with utmost honor. Discover the importance of the L.A.W. as our sacred inheritance and delve into topics such as equity, trust, faith, discernment, and the legal/lawful aspects of personhood. Get ready to expand your understanding and deepen your insights!

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