The Roman Invasion of Britain

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Who was the first Roman to come into Britain?

Julius Caesar

When did Julius Caesar come into Britain?

60 BC

How many ships did Julius Caesar bring to Britain?


What happened to Julius Caesar's fleet during his first attempt to conquer Britain?

Lost in a storm

How many of Julius Caesar's ships were wrecked in the second engagement?


Who was defeated by the Britons in the first charge?

Caesar's cavalry

Who was slain in the second engagement?


During the battle at the river Thames, what did the enemy use to defend the bank of the river and the ford?

Wooden stakes

What did the Romans do to avoid the sharp stakes in the river Thames?

They crossed the river at a different location

Where did the barbarians hide after the Romans avoided the sharp stakes?

In the woods

Which city surrendered to Caesar, giving him forty hostages?


What did many other cities do after Trinovantum surrendered?

They made a treaty with the Romans

Where was Cassibellaun's town situated?

Between two marshes

What did Caesar do after taking Cassibellaun's town?

He returned to Gaul

What happened to Caesar after he put his legions into winter quarters?

He was surrounded by enemies

Test your knowledge on the Roman invasion of Britain led by Caius Julius Caesar in this historical quiz. Learn about the first encounter between the Romans and the Britons in this pivotal moment in history.

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