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Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of postmodern art and architecture?

Emphasizing functionalism and rationalism

What is the main form of energy produced in postmodern society?

Nuclear energy

What is simulation in postmodern culture and technology?

The disappearance of distinctions between 'true' and 'false'

Study Notes

Postmodernism in Culture and Arts

  • "Postmodern" refers to a cultural period and attitude that followed the modern period and often criticized its basic features and assumptions.
  • The postmodern movement in architecture began as a criticism of modernist principles and used modern and traditional elements together.
  • Postmodern artists often challenged the basic principles of modern art and architecture, such as functionalism and rationalism.
  • Pastiche, or mimicry of past cultural styles, is a major postmodern cultural style used in architecture, music, literature, and films.
  • The original is often demolished in postmodern artwork, and pastiche images are called simulacra.
  • Consumerism is a fundamental feature of postmodern economy and society, where all production is destined for consumption of items that are not considered necessary.
  • Multinational companies govern the postmodern economy, operating beyond national borders with production sites all over the world.
  • Electric and nuclear energy are the main forms of energy produced in postmodern society, with electric energy increasingly dominant in microelectronics.
  • The computer is the dominant technology of postmodern society and can be seen as an exteriorization of the brain.
  • Simulation is a fundamental feature of postmodern culture and technology, resulting in the disappearance of distinctions between 'true' and 'false'.
  • Simulation can be applied in various spheres of social life, culture, and technology, such as pilot training, genetic engineering, production of robots, and artificial intelligence.
  • Andy Warhol's postmodern painting of shoes appears as a depthless, flat surface that refers to another image, not an outside reality, in contrast to Van Gogh's shoes, which are worn and old and appear as part of a whole way of living.

Test your knowledge on the postmodern movement in culture and arts with this quiz! From architecture to literature, explore the key features and criticisms of postmodernism. Discover the use of pastiche and simulacra in postmodern artwork, the impact of consumerism on society, and the dominance of technology in the form of computers and simulation. Challenge yourself with questions on famous postmodern artists and their works, and gain a deeper understanding of this influential cultural period.

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