The Peopling of the Philippines Archaeological Finds

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Which region in the Philippines is home to the Lumad, a generic term used to refer to indigenous peoples of Mindanao?

Region VI

Which group occupies the watershed areas near the Abulag, Tineg, and Chico Rivers in the northern mountain ranges of the cordillera?


Which group is not part of the seven Mangyan groups that call the island of Mindoro home?


Which indigenous group is found along the Pacific coast of Quezon Province and the islands of Polillo and Alabat?


Which group is not considered part of the Lumad ethno-linguistic groups in Mindanao?


What is the estimated population of indigenous peoples in the Philippines?

12 million

Which island group is home to the Tagbanua and Palawanon Batak indigenous peoples?


Which theory argues that the peopling of the Philippines was related to trade relations around Borneo and Celebes Sea?

Theory of Unique South China Homeland Hypothesis

How many indigenous groups are there in the Philippines?


Which theory proposes that the migration of people from Mainland Southeastern China to the Philippines happened in ancient times?

Mainland Southeastern China Bype Thesis

When is it believed that the prehistoric inhabitants arrived in the Philippines, according to the text?

Around 22,000 years ago

Who proposed the theory of Multiple Homeland Hypothesis regarding the peopling of the Philippines?

Henry Botley Bayer

Explore the archaeological finds in Palawan, such as the Jabon Skull fragments, indicating prehistoric inhabitants in the Philippines during the Pleistocene period. Learn about theories like the Austronesian migration and the work of Callard and Mallari on the peopling of the Philippines.

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