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What is the primary responsibility of the network layer?

Ensuring source-to-destination delivery of packets across multiple networks

What information does the network layer add to the packet header?

Logical addresses of the sender and receiver

In an internetwork, how are packets routed to their final destination?

Routers or switches route packets to their final destination

What distinguishes the network layer from the data link layer in terms of packet delivery?

Network layer ensures delivery across multiple networks, while data link layer handles delivery within the same network

Why is an addressing system necessary for packet travel through the Internet?

To help distinguish the source and destination of packets

Study Notes

Network Layer Responsibilities

  • Primary responsibility is to route data between devices on different networks

Packet Header Information

  • Network layer adds source and destination IP addresses to the packet header
  • Also adds information for routing and congestion control

Packet Routing

  • Packets are routed to their final destination through a process called routing
  • Routers examine the destination IP address and forward packets accordingly
  • Routing involves multiple hops, with each router forwarding the packet to the next hop

Network Layer vs Data Link Layer

  • Network layer focuses on routing packets between networks
  • Data link layer focuses on error-free transfer of data frames between devices on the same network

Addressing System Necessity

  • An addressing system is necessary for packet travel through the Internet
  • IP addresses allow devices to be uniquely identified and located on the network

Test your knowledge of the network layer with this quiz. Explore topics such as packet delivery across multiple networks, the role of the network layer, and its functions in ensuring seamless communication between systems. Ideal for students and professionals in computer science and networking.

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