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What is the birth date of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?

27 January 1756

How many works did Mozart compose?

more than 800

Which genres did Mozart compose in?

virtually every genre of his time

Where was Mozart born?

Salzburg, Austria

What is Mozart widely regarded as?

among the greatest composers in the history of Western music

What is the significance of Mozart's rapid pace of composition?

It resulted in more than 800 works of virtually every genre of his time.

How is Mozart's music described?

It is admired for its melodic beauty, formal elegance, and richness of harmony and texture.

Where was Mozart born?

Salzburg, which was then in the Holy Roman Empire and is now in Austria.

At what age did Mozart start composing?

From the age of five.

What did Mozart's father do with him?

Took him on a grand tour of Europe and three trips to Italy.

Test your knowledge on the life and works of the musical genius, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Discover fascinating facts about his prolific compositions and his impact on classical music. Challenge yourself with questions about his symphonies, concertos, operas, and more. How well do you know the legendary composer? Find out with this Mozart-themed quiz!

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