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Where did the Montessori movement begin to spring up all over the world?

America, Russia, Japan, Germany, and India

What was the title of Maria Montessori's book published in 1909?

The Method of Scientific Pedagogy

What was Maria Montessori appointed to in the early 1920s?

Government Inspector of Schools

What were children from both deprived and privileged backgrounds capable of achieving according to the Montessori Method?

Spontaneous activity and independent learning

What did Maria Montessori spend all her time on in the later part of her career?

Training teachers, writing, and giving public lectures

Study Notes

The Spread of Montessori Movement

  • The Montessori movement began to spread all over the world.

Maria Montessori's Work

  • Maria Montessori published a book in 1909, titled Il Metodo della Pedagogia Scientifica Applicato all'Educazione Infantile (The Method of Scientific Pedagogy Applied to Infant Education).
  • In the early 1920s, Maria Montessori was appointed as a government inspector of schools in Italy.

Capabilities of Children

  • According to the Montessori Method, children from both deprived and privileged backgrounds were capable of achieving extraordinary intellectual and social development.

Maria Montessori's Later Career

  • In the later part of her career, Maria Montessori spent all her time on developing and promoting her educational method.

Test your knowledge of the key ideas in the Montessori Method with this quiz. Explore Maria Montessori's influential work and her book "The Method of Scientific Pedagogy" as applied to infant education and the children's house. Learn about the capabilities of deprived and privileged children and their potential for independent learning and spontaneous activity.

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