The Mindful Journey

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Which of the following is NOT a benefit of meditation?

Better athletic performance

How old is the practice of meditation?

5,500 years

What is the effect of meditation on the brain?

It changes the brain structure

What did an experiment show about meditators?

They can control their body temperature

What do scientists say about the connection between meditation and the brain?

The connection is well-established

Which of the following best describes meditation?

An ancient practice that improves brain power

What did modern scientists discover about the brains of meditators?

Meditation changes the structure of the brain

What abilities can long-term meditators develop?

Superhuman abilities to stay calm in pressure situations

What did an experiment show about meditators?

Meditators can dry wet sheets in cold temperature

What have scientists discovered about the brain in the last 10 years?

The brain forms new connections when we think, feel, or learn

Test your knowledge on the ancient practice of meditation and its impact on the brain with this quiz. Explore the history, scientific discoveries, and benefits of meditation in this informative quiz.

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