Equity and the Law of Trusts Chapter 1 § 6

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Which equitable doctrine treats a vendor under a contract for the sale of land as a constructive trustee for the purchaser?

Doctrine of Walsh v Lonsdale

Which equitable maxim puts a favourable construction on what a person has done?

Equity imputes an intention to fulfill an obligation

In terms of enforcing decrees, what is the consequence of breaching a personal order issued by equity?

Contempt of court

Which of the following statements best describes the maxims of equity?

The maxims of equity are general principles that guide the approach of equity to specific problems.

What is the historical basis for the maxim 'Equity Will Not Suffer a Wrong to Be Without a Remedy'?

The maxim is based on the Chancellor's intervention on grounds of conscience.

How did equity approach the enforcement of trusts?

Equity recognized the legal owner but insisted that they hold the property for the beneficiaries.

Which one of these maxims reflects the idea that equity will depart from the legal rule if it deems the circumstances warrant it?


Which maxim states that a claimant will not obtain relief in equity if their conduct has been improper in relation to the transaction they seek to enforce?

‘HeWhoComesintoEquityMustCome with Clean Hands’

Which maxim emphasizes that a claimant will not be granted an equitable remedy unless they fulfill their legal and equitable obligations and act fairly towards the defendant?


Which maxim states that equity treats concurrent owners of property as equally entitled in the absence of any provision or agreement?


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Test your knowledge on the principles of equity with this quiz on the Maxims of Equity. Explore the historical significance and modern interpretation of these fundamental principles in the realm of equitable jurisdiction.

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